The Best (and Worst!) Things About Second Wedding

The Best (and Worst!) Things About Second Wedding

Second weddings are very common these days. While some aspects of second weddings are identical to what you see at a first wedding, there are some features about second weddings which are unique. This is a look at the best and worst things about second weddings.

One of the absolute best things about a second wedding is that the bride and groom can have full control over planning it. So often a first wedding is more a reflection of the bride’s parents than it is of her. By the time a woman gets married for the second time, she has usually developed her own sense of personal style, as well as the maturity to assert herself (graciously, of course).

The bride will also find that more sophisticated and unique wedding gowns and custom bridal jewelry suit her new role, which can be a lot of fun. It is also more common for the groom in a second wedding to play a larger role in the planning, with the result that the event truly reflects who the bride and groom are. That is definitely a good thing.

Along with all this control comes responsibility, and it is up to the bride and groom to finance their own second wedding. For some couples this might be considered one of the worst things about a second wedding! The parents of the bride and groom are certainly free to offer to contribute to the wedding financially if they wish, but under no circumstances should they be asked to help pay for the event.

It is up to the bride and groom to plan the wedding they can afford, whether that is a black tie affair for hundreds with the bride in a designer gown and custom bridal jewelry, or a backyard barbecue for thirty of their best friends.


Another thing that is great about second weddings is the lack of obligatory guests. The second time around you are not expected to invite all of the distant family friends or business acquaintances who may have been on the guest list of your first wedding. In fact, you really should not invite people who are on the periphery of your life to a second wedding. Only invite those who are truly meaningful to your life, and those who will be genuinely happy for you. The more intimate nature of a second wedding is one of the most wonderful features.

When you are getting married for the second time, your guests’ obligations to you change somewhat. This leads us to something which can be one of the less pleasing aspects of bring a second time bride: no one is obligated to give you gifts (technically, no one is required to give you a present the first time around, but most people will want to).

Etiquette states that no one should be expected to give a wedding gift to the same person for two different marriages, so do not anticipate the same outpouring of generosity which you may have seen the first time around. This also means that bridal showers are an absolute no-no for a second time bride, as they are entirely a gift giving occasion – sorry.

Without a doubt, the very best thing about a second wedding is getting another chance at love. Whether you are having a huge wedding or a tiny one, whether your first marriage ended amicably or not, a second wedding represents another shot at happiness. That is definitely the best thing about getting remarried.

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