Creative Ideas For Your Wedding Flowers

Creative Ideas For Your Wedding Flowers

As we all know, with weddings come flowers, and lots of them. In your bouquet, near the altar, strewn across the aisle…but there are many other creative ways to place your flowers on your big day. While the groom will likely have a boutonniere, the mothers of the bride and groom will have corsages and you and your bridesmaids will have a bouquet, read on for more great ways to incorporate floral motifs into your wedding:

1) Reception Centerpieces: Clueless on how to decorate your reception table centerpieces? Have some great floral centerpieces made up instead of candles, or in conjunction with candles. However, make sure that they aren’t too tall so that your guests can see each other.

2) As hair pieces: Really love flowers? How about having some pinned into your hair or your bridesmaid’s hair? A small crown of white roses pinned to your hair make a beautiful, natural (and affordable!) tiara. It also looks adorable in the hair of your flower girl, and can be pinned into braids, buns or even loose long hair.

3) As gifts for your guests: Instead of making up expensive candles or wine glasses with you and your partner’s name engraved on them, instead, give each of your guests a red rose. This can be a symbol of your love for one another, and can also be more affordable if you get a deal from your florist.

4) As a decoration for your theme: If you are creating a fun theme wedding, then the flowers you choose can take you miles! Planning a luau themed wedding? Opt for tropical flowers like birds of paradise and hibiscus. If you are doing a rock n’ roll “flower child” 60’s inspired wedding, then daisies can be your flower of choice. Going for a romantic Renaissance theme? Calla lilies and other elongated flowers are perfect for you. Rose petals are also a traditional way to decorate tables, walkways and as confetti for wedding receptions.

5) As sign markers for your wedding: If you like a certain type of flower, tulips for example, these can be the symbol of your wedding. From your invitations to your bouquet to the signs that point your guest in the right direction, your flower can act as a symbol of you and your spouse’s marriage, and can also be incorporated into the entire theme or decoration.

Whether you choose to use real or silk flowers is entirely up to you, and you may find out in the long run that they cost almost the same. Also consider that greenery is just as important as flowers and can vary just as much from ferns and pussy willows to ivy and even grass. Whatever you do, make your flower choice one that is special to you, and not just because they match the color of your bridesmaid dresses. Just remember to think outside the box and use your flowers to create garlands, as decoration or a number of other creative ways on your special day.

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